Our Story


Meet Edmund Sarmiento, chef and owner of Solei’s Bistro and Cafe. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Edmund has spent the better part of his life in the foodservice industry. Classically trained in Italian cuisine, the young Filipino-Canadian understands the importance of simplicity in all the dishes he sets forth. Through his time spent in many kitchens, he has gained experience in many aspects of the foodservice industry. From banquet facilities that have produces over ten thousand meals in a single weekend, to assembling gourmet sandwiches at public festivals off of a food truck. When asked what the young chef prefers, “It doesn’t matter what kitchen i am in. I will excel and execute with precision and speed.” A definite highlight of his career was spent in Quebec City at a Japanese restaurant where he was trained by an Iron Chef- getting the best of both worlds by gaining skills in both Japanese and French cuisine. Becoming homesick, he landed back in Edmonton where he met his lovely wife Layla. Together they have two beautiful small children. Layla being of Lebanese descent has given Edmund the opportunity to venture into a new ground of cuisine. After spending the better part of the last decade at various golf courses around Edmonton, Edmund and his wife Layla decided to open their own catering business called Primo Catering and Events. Together they strive to give excellent food quality with fresh ingredients as well as exceptional customer service. Primo Catering and Events goes above and beyond client expectations and are highly recommended by those who have used their services